As expected, TED is a very good place to make connections. One of the connections that happened at TED 2013 was between Christine Sun Kim and Harper Reed. Both were there for random reasons. Harper was asked to speak at TED-U and Christine is a TED Fellow. When they met, they immediately bonded over their mutual love of being the life of the party and being awesome.

During that week of TED, Christine and Harper went to a lot of bars and clubs (and a few weird parties on boats). One thing that struck both of them was how it can be frustrating to communicate in a crowded and loud space. Lots of people getting in the way, environment too loud - not conducive to communication in general. They had settled on using their phones to type out messages in an effort to smoothly communicate. By using one of the various big words apps they were able to communicate past the noise and hubbub.

This worked well for awhile. It was perfect for their one on one communication - but didn’t expand to include their new friends that they met at TED. They immediately began talking about how to solve the problem of inclusion when it is loud, confusing and communication is often discombobulated.

Christine being an artist and Harper being a technologist, they immediately started to conspire on how to create a solution that was inclusive of many people, but also had the properties of using one of the big words style apps. Rather than having each person have to show every else their phone - Orbiting allows the participants to participate in a “group chat” of big words.

Orbiting is a simple group chat for groups who are in loud, expansive places where talking with sound doesn’t work. You can communicate simply and effectively without having to pass a phone around or share a note. Everyone can share in a joke. You can order a drink for your friends without having to put your phone in their face. More importantly we can all start communicating in a positive and inclusive way regardless of the noise, confusion or effort of the space.

Give Orbiting a try. We love using it and I think you will too.


One of the best parts about building a product is the team. For Orbiting, our team is what kept us together.

Christine Sun Kim

Christine Sun Kim is an artist that uses the concept of sound in performances, installations and drawings to define and justify her relationship with spoken languages and sonic identities. When not writing emails, she spends time reading celebrity gossip, watching makeup tutorials on instagram and finding easiest cooking recipes that she’s too lazy to try.

Nick Ng

Hailing from Chicago, Nick is of modest personality working as a visual + web/interface designer. Besides cursing at pixel bugs or borkiness of CSS, he helps people find tech conferences that are accessible and accommodating at Confa11y. For fun, he drags his kids to national parks for whattaviews and campfire chili.

Sophia Kecir Camper

As a purpose-driven Product Designer, Sophia works on end-to-end mobile and desktop applications that empower people, support sustainable food system, or raise awareness. When she isn’t running a design workshop or playing around with Swift, Sophia is often found cooking ratatouille, eating vegan ice cream and dancing Lindy hop.

Jovan Jovanovic

Harper Reed

Harper is an hacker/engineer who builds paradigm-shifting tech and leads others to do the same. Harper loves using the vastness of the Internet to bring people together, whether as CTO of Obama for America, CTO at Threadless.com, or on his own projects.

We are awesome.


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